September 28, 2016
List of Shops that are extremely important this Halloween season for Online Business

Halloween is approaching, and to celebrate the fall of holidays is preparing for them. Starting from home décor to baking treats, there’s a lot that is needed to be planned. Every person celebrates Halloween in his/her way. The wacky skull stencils, tattoo pens, skeleton decorations and temporary tattoos and lot of decoration that is required to be done. Before you start your shopping you need to decide first of how your family wants to celebrate.

As we know online world has become huge now and on every festival online websites like, Amazon, Macys, Kohls etc.. launch big sale with huge discounts and offers. These offers will work for both (User & Merchant) User picks the best discount rate and merchant get huge number of sales.

Here is the list of things that is must celebrate a spooktacular Halloween!

Collection of  games

Games add extra fun to your Halloween parties, so these are the items you will be in need to plan your games.


  • Prizes


  • Mini pumpkins that be used for mini contests
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Halloween Masks
  • Halloween temporary tattoos
  • Apple bucket for bobbing
  • Bowl full of goo and filled with tiny prizes
  • Goodie bags can be filled with candy and spider rings
  • Black and orange balloons
  • Fog machine

Decorations and Halloween costumes

To create a feel of the Halloween party, you need to work a little extra on the decorations. And Halloween costumes will add the scare among your visitors.

  • Spider webs
  • Dark colored lights
  • Scented candles
  • Carved pumpkins
  • Few Brooms
  • Fake blood or red-paint.
  • Fake skeletons and skull bones
  • Toilet paper to create mummies
  • Lanterns
  • Witch hats
  • Fake vultures or ravens
  • Halloween costumes

Food items

There is no party that is complete without food. And on this occasion, it should be a little more special and scariest of its kind.

  • Orange and black colored sugar
  • Purple and orange food dye
  • Candy corn
  • Colored chocolate chips
  • Cakes and cupcake mix
  • Seasonal fruits and veggies
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Water bottles
  • Plastic wrap and Halloween themed table wares
  • Halloween ribbon to tie baggies of cookies together


According to the traditional custom of ticking, plan some exciting tricks to entertain your guests. This shopping list can help you to get an idea for the same.

  • Candies
  • Bowl for serving
  • Scissors/sewing kit for last-minute repairs
  • Candy bag
  • Cotton balls
  • Batteries for flashlights
  • Glowing sticks
  • Makeup remover
  • Masks
  • Face paint
  • Glitter or hair dyes

So, your list is ready, start shopping now!

September 9, 2016
Best business management tips

Managing a business is itself a complicated yet difficult task which involves not only managing the organization but also managing time, resources and employees. You have to be updated about the new technologies introduced in the market as well as about the innovations. Learning new things and getting knowledge on a daily basis on different subjects and various aspects can make your business growing and productive. Here we have commuted few management tips which might help you making your business productive and let you achieve more sales:

  • Self-Discipline: To make the business growing, the person must have self-discipline which can be achieved by handling similar tasks and projects at the same moment of time. You can also break big projects into different parts and handle larger part at the beginning following shorter part.

hire right people

Image Source:

  • Hire right people: Hiring right people is also a difficult task for this you need to know how the concerned person will help in the business, what is his area of interests, in which task will he perform outstandingly. The better you know the hire people or your current employee, the better you can achieve your targeted goals.
  • Give Feedback regularly: Always give your employees the true feedback on a regular basis (whether positive or negative), so that they know their strengths and areas of improvement. If you do not provide regular feedback then they will not know about the areas where they are committing mistakes. This is important for personal growth and thus, company growth.
  • Stay updated with the new technology: You should be aware of recent trends, cutting age innovations. In order to do so, you should keep use different market products like these which will help you stay updated with the latest trends in the market and will help you grow your business.
  • Leadership: You must have a good leadership quality so that it will be easy for your employees to follow. Setting a right example among your employees makes your employees respect you. If you are not setting a good example then they will not respect you and follows their own rules.
  • Bottom-Line: In the end, it is about profit margins. Keep a close eye on the Revenues & Expenditures. That will help you stay on top of financials & will make your organization a huge success
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees are your best assets. Keep them happy & motivated.
April 2, 2016
Advantages of using software to manage your business

If you have a business and still are not taking advantage offered by the business software then this is the time for you to consider and you will be encouraged to implement it .

There are too many companies were encouraged to implement Business Software within their processes and are enjoying various benefits in terms of productivity, cost reduction and system optimization.

If you’re still with doubts in your head that keep you from making the final decision to implement it, I invite you to review the following advantages I mentioned below. If you have any questions especially on the subject, please leave your comment to see what I can help.

5 Benefits of business software

business software

1. Cost reduction

At first glance, the most noticeable benefit is that costs are reduced because now the software will do the work that used to be performed by several people and now you can make better use of human talent in your company.

2. Increased productivity

The software allows to reduce the times in various processes that are usually slower when performed by a person, then it will be a great resource to streamline your business and increase productivity indices.

Additionally, management programs provide metrics and statistics to evaluate and optimize the performance of your business.

3. Systematic Process

There are programs for accounting, finance, to manage customers, inventory control and for almost any area or process in an organization, then you can systematize these areas and processes to work more efficiently and organizational goals are met.

4. It allows a more efficient flow of information

With the software you can share information in real time with other departments or areas of your business, so it is ensured that the information flow efficiently and work is not delayed waiting for some paper or document.

In the case of accounting, for example, we can implement an accounting system with which we always have on hand information of our business (balance sheets, income statements, financial information, etc.) and we can share with stakeholders easily through electronic means.

5. Promotes focus on the most important processes for the organization

When ordering a software technical and repetitive work, we can leverage our staff to focus on more important processes where really the potential of each person take advantage.

In the following table we have other benefits offered by the software for business :

Well, these are the reasons why I consider convenient to use software to manage a business , but remember that if you decide to implement should look for a web for business software , keep in mind that the market provides various options in story to prices and features , analyze them and determine what fits your business.

March 16, 2016
Software solutions for small businesses
Computer software is a tool that can help ensure the success of your business.

Computer software is a tool that can help ensure the success of your business.

To manage your business, especially small operation with limited resources, productivity and efficiency are key. Computer software is a tool that can help ensure the success of your business. Explore a variety of software solutions for small businesses that can make operations to perform more efficiently.


In many cases, the software is positively associated with productivity, which represents higher profits for a small company. This is because some programs allow employees to produce more in a given period of time, which can reduce the cost for wages or simply generate revenue faster and at lower cost. For example, some companies now examine data entry pages that contain information necessary computer programs, so that workers simply click a button to proceed, instead of having to revise entire pages printed.


Some small business owners are put off by the cost of implementing new software solutions in the office, but what really matters is the return on investment. The ROI (for its stands for Return on Investment) is the amount of money the business makes on the cost, as a direct result of buying and using the software (income less costs divided by cost). So if the software implementation will generate a positive ROI, spend this money is beneficial for the company.


According to a survey by FileMaker Pro, approximately 73 percent of small companies (with fewer than 100 employees) believe that the software helps increase productivity, but 36 percent admit they do not invest enough in software solutions .


If you are starting your new business is a good idea to start acquiring some basic programs, and then add new solutions according to the needs. Some common software programs that may need to include an operating system and basic office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation software, offering Microsoft Office and Open Office. If you have a business that should produce designs regularly, you will need an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. You may also need a program planning agendas, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, because these programs keep you informed about project deadlines, meetings and business-related issues that require your attention. Finally, you’ll need accounting software such as Intuit Quicken, to monitor and save your small business finances.


Updating your software is also key to maximizing productivity solution continuously. Allow your employees to use an old and outdated version of the program could put the business at a disadvantage compared to the competition, and create vulnerabilities. For example, if you use a software solution that protects the company web site Internet attacks, the update could not regularly make the software useless.

January 6, 2016
Basic software to start your business

Accounting, billing, sales, CRM, order management, payroll,… look at the solutions that exist in the market and what are best suited to the needs of a new business.


The minimum desirable operating control for any business that starts is a practical billing system that allows you to manage expenses and invoices.


If you only take control of billing, you don’t have data on your bank. And you’re interested, especially if you are selling physical products and you are not a service company.


Automation of manual tasks, more rational processes, monitoring of performance by departments, detect errors, compare information, track projects… for that serves an ERP.


Where do you think to save data from visits to your customers?How are you going to generate commercial opportunities? You are considering installing a customer system from the beginning?

Presence control

Until we begin not to analyze the market of software for SMEs and entrepreneurs ask, never occurred to us that a presence control program could be of interest to some of you.


Hosting, hosting websites and domains pages. Which one is most interested to begin with?

Manage Team Tasks with VIP Task Manager

VIP_Tast_Manager_logo.gifSponsored Review

Those of us who work from home understand more than anyone the importance of being able to collaborate with others without having to have a physical meeting. More and more though, people in office teams - and even college students - are finding it necessary to find ways to work together when people are in different locations.

For those looking for a solution to team management needs, the VIP Task Manger enables collaborators to manage, share, plan and report tasks, projects, and other company activities.  Members of a team can be assigned various permission levels to access team information, as well as subscribe to email updates for project progress. Each of the features of the VIP Task Manager is designed to improve team productivity and generally help teams work together more effectively.

Some of those features include assigning group tasks, or tasks for specific employees, set priorities, attach notes and instructions, set hierarchy for tasks and groups, create and edit employee schedules, and assign human resource roles. Basically the VIP Task Manager can help organize every aspect of a project to make teamwork as pain free as possible.

Visit the VIP Task Manager 3.0 Professional Edition website to check out the rest of the features and try it out for free today.


Business Management Software - Manager Assistant 3.0

If you’re looking for a quality piece of management software for your business or corporation, make sure you look into Manager Assistant 3.0, business software that has been created to help managers in their many business responsibilities, such as planning, organization, rewarding, correction, tracking, reporting, and paperwork, to name a few.

Manager Assistant 3.0 is designed and produced by It is specifically designed to take many of the every day, time-consuming tasks a manager faces, particularly in regards to people management, and incorporates them into a bundle of software management tools that keeps track of it all and helps simplify and organize it all. Thus,ManagerAssistant.gif this software enables a manager to become more efficient and more productive.  It “lets you track, evaluate and control the behavior, performance and activities of your employees — easily and quickly — using just one application.”

For example, with Manager Assistant you can track employee attendance, training, accomplishments, rewards, incidents, expenses, goals, performance reviews, compensation, and even recruitment. I think the performance appraisal tool integrated in this software is particularly extensive and helpful, complete with thousands of pre-written legal sentence suggestions and customizable calculating rating scores. 

I really like the sleekness, intuitiveness, and modern feel of the software and the website. The website is top-notch, supplying a lot of extra features to help examine the software product, such as screen-shots of the product modules with a description of the features and benefits and a free tour of the product. The company offers a 14-day free trial and the ability to easily purchase the software online.

I recommend seeing what this new business management software is all about.

Sponsored Review

Jul 5 Provides Reviews on Top Web Hosting Providers

I'll be honest--I don't know how many personal and small business websites exist on the Internet. But I do know it's in the millions, easily; probably tens of millions. And with the world population at about 6 billion, you can bet that many tens of millions more new websites will be created. The demand for quality web hosting may never dry up, and, along with it, the supply of web hosting will always be bounteous. But how does one choose between the host of different web hosting providers? is a new website that seeks to help answer that question by offering reviews of the top web hosting providers in the industry.

There are a variety of sites that supply web hosting reviews online, and is as good as any I've found. They provide alot of valuable features that help the information-seeker understand and compare the best web hosting providers. For instance, they give an updated features chart for every major category of webhosting that gives all the pertinent details of the top 9 web hosting companies. This chart is sortable by column and allows you to accurately and quickly compare between the web hosters--it's very handy. In addition, this chart displays the Top9Hosting rating score they've given toTop9Hosting-logo.jpg each hosting provider.

They also write excellent detailed hosting reviews for each web hosting provider they mention, about 20 in total. These reviews contain general and specific information on such aspects as the company overview, price, features, offered software, reliability, customer service, etc. The details of the Top9 rating score are shown on these review pages.

For anyone in the market for web hosting providers, check out to make your research job quite a bit easier.

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Oh No Another Internet Explorer Security Hole!
Sorry if my headline sounds too sarcastic but what in the world are you doing still running Internet Explorer.  Haven't you learned?  I understand if you are testing out Internet Explorer 7, but why isn't Fire Fox or Opera your main browser.  Oh well I must continue . . .

Microsoft has just released a patch to its latest VML (Vector Markup Language) security hole in Internet Explorer.  Go to Windows Update to download the latest patch.  This is a very big hole, so run not walk to your computer to update it. 

To test to see if your computer is vulnerable go to:

Some web developers were starting to take advatange of the VML security and use to have "root" access of your machine.  So they could take over your machine or run spyware or malware.  VML is an image format that is hardly used on the web.  Support for VML was first added in Internet Explorer version 5.

Again I stress please update your machine and also download Fire Fox just to be safe.

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Do it the Easy Way with QuickBooks 2007
Rush to the store the latest QuickBooks has just been released!  Intuit QuickBooks 2007 is now available online at as well as local box_premier07.gifre-sellers like Best Buy, CompUSA and Office Depot and more.  Intuit is offering 3 versions of its famous product, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Simple Start.  If you are a Quicken expert you should stick with the full featured QuickBooks Premier priced at $399.95.  The QuickBooks Pro version is $199.95 while the QuickBooks Simple Start is only $99.95.

In my opinion QuickBooks understands where the business market is going and is doing a great job implementing that into its product.  For example QuickBooks now allows connections to Google Desktop, Google Maps, Google Adwords.  Google Adwords that's genius!  I'm amazed with what is Brandon Hopkins is doing over at  If you don't understand what Google Adwords are, then you need to catch up.  Check out his site for more information on Google Adwords and how to promote your business with pay per click ads.

Quickbooks 2007 biggest push is that it will help you save time with everyday Tasks.  Quickbooks has improved shipping with thermal printer support, improved processing for FedEx and UPS shipments and shipping documents.  Quickbooks has redesigned the way you and your contractor or employees do time sheets.  Employees or contractors complete time sheets on the web and you download the information into Quickbooks.  I wish my work had something like this I hate filling out time sheets.

Please leave your comment or review of QuickBooks. 
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Windows Vista - Oh My!
Microsoft has just annouced its prices for their latest operating system (OS) Windows Vista:

Vista Ultimate: $399vista.jpg
Vista Ultimate Upgrade: $259

Vista Business: $299
Vista Business Upgrade: $199

Vista Home Premium: $239
Vista Home Premium Upgrade: $159

Vista Home Basic: $199
Vista Home Basic Upgrade: $99

Windows Vista Ultimate contains the features of the Vista Business and the fun of Vista Home Premium as well as the mobility features.  Vista Business is for small business users as well as entriprise users.  Yet Microsoft also has another verison called Vista Enterprise.  Vista Enterprise price has not been annouced.  Vista Home Premium is for users who want to enter into the digital lifestyle.  Create movies, working with music, manage household duties, email and internet are all apart of Vista Home Premium.  Vista Home Basic looks to just be for email and internet users and not much else.
Light Weight Portable Storage
I know this is a Business Software Blog, yet when a product like this comes along I feel like I need to share it with everyone.  Especially with other business professionals.  I'm always on the go.  It sometimes hard to find just one power outlet for my laptop.  The problem is my laptop only has an 80GB hard drive, which is actually 74GB when partitioned.  Also I just confessed to being a digital pack rat in my previous post, so I need more hard drive space.

I use to carry around a 250GB Maxtor hard drive.  All though having 250GB was nice, it was a pain to carry around.  The Maxtor drive needed its own mid sized power adapter would not run off the USB or Firewire bus.  Since that wasn't working out too well I decided to look for a true portable hard drive. 

I did some research, checked some reviews and fell in love with the LaCie Mobile Hard Drive.  When I first got the package it was so light I thought they forgot to put the hard drive in box.  The hard drive is 100GB at 5400RPM, and works on Windows 2000 and XP or Mac OS X.  It is powered through your USB or FireWire port.  It is unbelievably small and light.  This is a must for any road warrior.
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Digital Pack Rat
Does anyone else there save way too much digital content?  Is your desktop looking like your childhood bedroom?

Some of my work colleagues tease me how fast I can fill up a hard drive.  Yes I admit I save way more than I can review.  Let's see I have digital copies of online orders, server notes, tips and tricks, documentation to read, ebooks, beta programs, and the list goes on.  Right now, I only have 3 GBs of 74 GBs left. So I admit I have a problem.

So before I go on a deleting frenzy or go out out and buy another firewire/USB hard drive, let's look at the GrandPerspective.  GrandPerspective is an open source Mac OS X program that gives you a nice display of how your hard drive is being used.

For example here is a screen shot:

With GrandPerspective you can scan a folder or your whole hard drive.  You can sort the color by depth, folder, extension, name and top folder.  On the example above, I did a scan of my home folder in Mac OS X.  The big orange chunk is my Windows XP Parallels image, registering at 5.5 GBs.  As you mouse over it gives you the name and size of the current file or folder.

I actually found this product when a client was looking for a corrupt file that was taking up most of his hard drive.  My client was able to find the corrupt file and I found a great utility.  I really enjoy using this program to see the big picture, instead of going file by file or folder by folder.  Hopefully this will help you out as well.

You can download GrandPerspective at
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Welcome Back
Welcome back!

I'm sorry for the huge delay on this blog.  I've been having fun restoring servers, setting up servers, working with back ups, doing trainings, going to trainings, as well as on a personal side of changing diapers and moving into a house for the first time.  Exciting times yet very busy.  I can't wait to share my experiences with you.

In the enterprise world Mac OS Server doesn't get much credit, yet I think a lot of companies are missing out.  Over the past 2 months I've been knee deep in Mac OS X Server installs.  I've set up at least 8 servers and restored about 3 servers in the last couple of months.  I hope you stick around to BestBizWare so I can show you the power behind Mac OS X server.  I've created a DNS controller, DHCP server, VPN server, Open Directory master, file server, web server, Jabber server, blogging server, network restore server and software update server.  The great thing about Mac OS X Server is all comes built in.

Also stay tuned as I share on how my Mac Book Pro is truly becoming an universal computer in a PC World, with advances in Boot Camp, Parallels and Cross Over.  I'll admit I'm a Mac fan, yet being able to carry around one laptop to run my Mac and Windows software is irreplaceable.
Internet Explorer 7
According to sources at Microsoft's Internet Explorer Blog, Microsoft is planning to release Internet Explorer 7 in an automatic update.  The release should come sometime this October.  Microsoft is really doing a stand up job for both home and business users.  Microsoft is allowing the new Internet Explorer update be available through its automatic update and web site.  If the user does the automatic update, it stills lets the user know that the system will be updating Internet Explorer.  More importantly on the business side, Microsoft is allowing a tool kit for system admins to control the Internet Explorer 7 roll out.

It has taken Microsoft awhile to catch up to the standards that has been set by World Wide Web Consortium and the extra features that have been availble with Firefox or Opera.   Hopefully Internet Explorer 7 will work will well sites that are heavy on CSS, PHP, and other open source technologies.  If you are a web developer you are running out of time to check your current web sites with the new Internet Explorer.
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